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About Us

Knowing About Shootle

Shootle is a solution provider with strong presence internationally. We combine the passion of people, the innovation of the Internet, the potential of voice technologies, the unprecedented transformation of the phone, plus a few new ideas. With more mobile phones than computers in people’s lives, there’s more demand than ever for simple, fast ways to get what you want, when you want it. With billions of voice requests interpreted each year, human input improves the accuracy and speed of the Shootle platform to help you do anything on the go. Simply say what you want, and hear or see the results. Then, connect or transact to act on the information. More than 40 million people is expected to use service platform every month to reach people, businesses and information they need on the phone and on the go. Businesses use Shootle service platform to create a better experience for their users and callers. Shootle uses the internet to improve the ways phones and computers connect, to people and businesses with each other.

Our Business Consultants use their understanding, knowledge and expertise to guide and coach you through all the processes of acquiring, startup and operation of your franchise business all around the world. We Headquartered in the city of London, United Kingdom, with locations, subsidiaries and partners in over 200 countries worldwide. We’re a one stop solutions provider we strive to discover, analyze, build and implement solutions that wins hearts and minds in today’s digital world and help businesses succeed by providing the right cost effective solution that surpass their needs.

The chances that you’re here seeking knowledge and expert advice for a business solutions. You’ve come to the right place. Within the last 2 decades, Shootle has developed compelling solutions to meet business needs several tactics has been implored to delivering business solutions for various industries by adapting to the constantly shifting landscape of the Internet. We take great pride in helping businesses make the most of the money they spend on tailored solutions and marketing.


Shootle Partners include Google, Hootsuite, Constant Contact and Yahoo Bing

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